From our Dutch nursery fields Cradle Crops is able to supply you with rhizomes of the highest quality. Also we provide planting services with our specialized planting machines.

Rhizome supply and planting Miscanthus

When you are interested in planting Miscanthus we can support you in several ways depending on your situation. Depending on the situation a choice can be made. Firstly you can choose to buy the rhizomes and to do the planting yourself. Secondly we can plant the rhizomes for you with our specialized planting machines. These planting machines in combination with a tractor with RTK GPS guarantees an optimal distribution in the field. Due to the unequal size of the rhizomes planting with conventional machines is tough. A good distribution in the field will eventually result in a higher income on the long term.

Sales of harvested Miscanthus

Next to planting the Miscanthus Cradle Crops also organizes the sale of Miscanthus. in case you have a need for Miscanthus please let us know. The conditions can be tailored to your requirements.

Cooperation and advice for optimization/ development applications

Maybe you have a possible end-use for Miscanthus in mind and you want to examine the feasibility. Please let us know, we are interested in cooperation to be able to make use of Miscanthus’ full potential!

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