Cradle Crops is a Dutch pioneer growing Miscanthus Giganteus, which is also called elephant grass, and other fiber and Biobased crops in The Netherlands and Belgium. We envision a promising future  for Miscanthus as raw material for several biobased applications. To achieve the goal of an expanding market for Miscanthus, Cradle Crops is growing Miscanthus, is planting Miscanthus with specialized planting machines for farmers and provides these farmers with agronomic advise. Additionally we are also actively involved in developing new applications for the crop in cooperation with partners.

The perennial elephant grass is a promising crop because of its tolerance, its broad applications and the environmentally friendly characteristics of the crop. For farmers Miscanthus offers the stabile and labor extensive Miscanthus next to the rotation crops an opportunity for sustainable earnings. Also on farmland of a relatively less quality Miscanthus can offer opportunities. When searching for end-uses for Miscanthus, the Biobased ‘principles’ are kept in mind in the application and development of industrial applications like paper, bioplastics or bioconcrete. Addionally Miscanthus offers opportunities for end-uses like bedding, mulch or biomass.

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